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  • 請穿著寛鬆衣物及短運動褲,以利露出治療部位。

  • 切勿空腹太久、過度飢餓或吃太多過飽,以免暈針。

  • 過度勞動、嚴重失眠、酒後大醉,均不宜針灸治療。

  • 針灸前勿作劇烈運動。

  • 曾有暈針史者,請事前告知醫師。

  • 有特殊疾病,如病毒性肝炎及其他可能經血液傳染的疾病、心臟病、裝置心臟起伏器,請告知醫師。

  • 治療當日如有其他特殊不適,請告知醫師。

Precautions BEFORE acupuncture treatment:


  • Please wear loose clothing and shorts to expose the treatment area.

  • To avoid fainting from the acupuncture treatment, do not go on an empty stomach, be extremely hungry, or eat too much or be too full.

  • Overwork, severe insomnia, and drunkenness are not suitable for acupuncture treatment.

  • Do not do strenuous exercise before acupuncture treatment.

  • Those who have a history of fainting from needles, please inform the acupuncturists in advance.

  • If you have special diseases, such as viral hepatitis and other diseases that may be transmitted by blood, heart disease, and cardiac pacemakers etc. , please inform the acupuncturists.

  • If you have any other special discomfort on the day of treatment, please inform the acupuncturists.



  • 不要揉或按壓針孔位置,以免造成瘀血或出血及感染。

  • 針後位置腫脹可能持續幾小時,甚至 1 - 2 天,此為正常現象。

  • 扎針處如有瘀血或酸感,多半會自行吸收或消失,如有持續發炎現象(紅、腫、熱、痛),請勿熱敷,並盡快聯絡醫師診治。

  • 針灸後注意防寒保暖,避免吹風。

  • 針灸後不能立即洗澡,至少應間隔 6 - 8 小時以上。

  • 針灸後當天不要浸浴。

  • 出汗、淋雨、洗澡後,應保持針灸位置皮膚乾爽。

  • 腳部針灸後,6 - 8 小時內請勿駕車。

  • 針灸後 1 - 2 日忌食生冷、辛辣及行氣、活血的食物:如黃耆、黨參、人蔘、當歸等。

Precautions AFTER acupuncture treatment: 

  • Do not rub or press the post-acupuncture site, so as not to cause bruising or bleeding and infection.

  • Swelling at the post-acupuncture site may last for several hours, or even 1 - 2 days, which is normal.

  • If there is blood stasis or soreness at the post-acupuncture site, most of them will be absorbed or disappear on their own. If there is persistent inflammation (redness, swelling, heat, pain), please do not apply hot compresses and contact acupuncturists for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

  • After acupuncture, pay attention to keeping warm and cold, and avoid being exposed to wind.

  • Do not take a bath immediately after acupuncture treatment, at least 6 - 8 hours apart.

  • Do not take a dipping bath on the same day after acupuncture treatment.

  • After sweating, raining, or taking a bath, the skin at the post-acupuncture site should be kept dry.

  • Do not drive within 6 - 8 hours after foot area acupuncture treatment.

  • Do not eat cold, spicy, qi-promoting and blood-activating foods for 1 - 2 days after acupuncture: such as astragalus, Codonopsis pilosula, ginseng, angelica sinensis etc.





The following people are not suitable for acupuncture

Women who are menstruating, pregnant women, epileptics, obese, severe diabetics, severe heart disease or arrhythmia, people with coagulation disorders: such as hemophilia, or those who are taking anticoagulant drugs (thin blood pills) , skin infection or ulcer, fever.

*People with drug allergies, eczema, severe anemia, and lupus erythematosus should ask their acupuncturists if they are suitable for acupuncture treatment.




Please arrive at the clinic fifteen minutes before your scheduled appointment time to change into comfortable clothing and cool off.

The duration of your acupuncture session may be decreased if you arrive late.

Medical staff may incur additional overtime expenses if they are forced to work overtime as a result of being late. Kindly be aware of that.

取消預約 Cancellation



Please give us at least one day's notice if you must cancel your appointment.

Any acupuncture services that are canceled in less than 24 hours may result in a portion of the amount being charged.

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